Today Is The Great American Smokeout! Tips From Listeners On How To Quit…


Quitting smoking is not easy, but millions of Americans drop the habit every year, especially during the Great American Smokeout. We put the question to our listeners this morning as to what’s the best way to quit smoking. You offered some good tips and shared how you went about it. Here are a few of them:
A heart attack! Sad to say but was a blessing . 5 yrs with no cigarettes! 
Went cold turkey 21 months ago, and don’t miss it at all. It also helps to not be around other people who still smoke. Not make any judgements on anyone, because we all have some kind of flaws.
First you have to want to quit otherwise it won’t work, don’t quit for others. I quit in 2002 and bought a bag of dum dum suckers. Everytime I wanted a cig I would use a sucker. 
I had to quit smoking for my son when he was a baby. I was up to 2 packs a day. Dr. Said do you want to live and I said yes so he gave me the patches. And have not touch or smoke for 38 yrs. After I quit never knew what I smelled like. Glad I quit
After each meal, Wrigley’s spearmint gum and will power
Freezing cold turkey 6 years 2 months and 9 days ago! Best thing I ever did for myself! You can do iiiiiiiiiiiit! 
One of the hardest things I ever did. Just went cold turkey. 
Chantix….after 25 years of smoking…you have to be ready to quit.
Getting pregnant!
Drink a cup of milk to cancel cravings. Something in the milk reacts in your body so the craving passes.  
A few years ago, while working for a former employer, they added a $50/month surcharge to our healthcare for each smoker in the household that was on the company insurance. They gave us 1 year to quit before the surcharge went into effect. So I used that Blu e-cigarette to help me quit, decreasing the amount of nicotine each month until I got to zero nicotine.  
I didn’t use a secret formula. My hubby was diagnosed with COPD and was told he needed to quit smoking. I knew it would be easier for him to stop if I did. So the next day I just quit. I still get a craving once in a while but hubby is my priority.  
It’s was the price.
I decided to quit when I was paying $5.25 a pack in 2010.
I quit on 5/15/2010.
And never looked back.