Check Out The Top 10 Finalists For The “Kid’s USA Mullet Championships!

No doubt about it…..this year we have all had plenty of spare time on our hands, and that spare time has given a lot of kids (and their parents) the opportunity to do some home “grooming” if you will…….A lot of us have tried to cut and style our own hair during the pandemic (not me…..but then again, I only get my hair cut 2 or 3 times a year!  haha!)  and some of those haircuts have turned out OK…..some, not so OK!  haha!

But some kids/parents have decided to bring back the mullet!  You know:  Business up front and party in the back.  So, here’s your chance to see some of those “Tennessee Waterfalls”…..check out some of those “Beaver Paddles”…….admire those Mississippi Mudflaps…….

CLICK HERE/ to see the Top 10 in the Kid’s Mullet Championship for this year…….and who knows?  Maybe get some styling tips?