Crazy About Bacon? Hormel Is Giving Away Free Bacon Scented Face Masks!

I’ll be the first to admit, wearing face masks during this pandemic stinks! Literally it stinks when the mask you’re wearing is trapping your breath, especially after you just ate. But what about scented face masks? Hormel knows that Americans are crazy about bacon so they are giving away FREE bacon scented face masks! You have until October 28th to get yours. Details, here: BACON SCENTED FACE MASKS!  And kudos to Hormel because for every entry, they’ll donate a meal to Feeding America (up to 10,000 meals).  You gotta give Hormel credit, because Pizza Hutt, Nestle Tollhouse Cookies, Maxwell House Coffee and countless other brands are kicking themselves in the butt because THEY didn’t come up with this first! Watch and see if anyone else develops these food scented masks.

(source Hormel Foods via YouTube)