A Utah Man Out Hiking Is Chased Down By A Momma Cougar Protecting Her Cubs!…Watch!

A 26 year old Utah man was hiking in Slate Canyon over the weekend and came across what he thought were bobcat cubs. Nope, they were COUGAR cubs and momma wasn’t far behind! Kyle Burgess was shooting video and captured the entire experience which has since gone viral! This could have ended really, really bad! At the :47 mark in the video below, watch as the cougar is posturing and leaps towards Kyle! She does this a couple more times and actually follows him for what looks like over a half a mile. He made the right choice in keeping eye contact, walking away and making himself appear large. Kyle said it was a very long 6 minutes. Can you only imagine?!

** WARNING ** Foul language has been bleeped out, but it’s still apparent what he’s say. 

(source Kunkyle Z via YouTube)