Michael Jackson’s Cousin Trying To Sell The Pop Kings Deathbed IV Bag

​Talk about a family member trying to cash in on a tragedy.  Michael Jackson’s cousin, Marsha Stewart, is selling an IV drip bag she claims came from the Pop King’s death bed. It’s up for sale as part of an auction of materials from the estate of the star’s father, Joe Jackson.

A Las Vegas auctioneer is hoping to get at least $2,500 for the IV deathbed bag.  This is creepy on so many levels beginning how did the cousin even get this bag?  Seems like it would have been evidence or something like that.  I’m no Murder She Wrote expert but this seems a bit lame.  Find out how cousin Marsha claims she came by the IV bag here:  https://www.the-sun.com/news/1515991/michael-jackson-propofol-iv-drip-auctioned/