Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson And Family Test Positive For Covid 19! Kick In The Gut!

Be very careful who invite over to your house during this crazy pandemic!

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson” took to Instagram for what he called a kick in the gut announcement.  The world’s highest paid actor said that he, his wife and two young daughters all tested positive for COVID 19.  Johnson says they caught the virus from family and friends at home party.

The Rock assured fans that he and his family are doing well and coming out on the other side. And for fans to stay positive and care about each other.  One of the great things about “The Rock” is his upbeat personality and positive thinking which comes in handy for fighting this virus.  Check out his advice for staying safe and what he learned here:  https://www.espn.com/wwe/story/_/id/29797517/dwayne-rock-johnson-wife-daughters-covid-positive-johnson-announces