Elvis Presley Sets Record For Most Expensive Memorabilia Item Ever Sold!

All musicians and/or rock stars have adoring fans willing to pay big money to get a piece of memorabilia that the artist once owned, or once played, or that is associated with that artist or band in some way, shape, or form.  I mean, I have guitar pics and drumsticks that I’ve acquired at the shows over the years….

But some people want more….they want shoes, they want stage clothes, they want instruments, you name it…..folks will want to collect it.

And Elvis Presley, well, he has so many different items that fans are trying to get their hands on, and one of those items sold at auction the other day and set a new world record for most expensive piece of Elvis memorabilia….What was the item?  Just CLICK HERE/TMZ and see exactly what a fan paid over $1 million dollars for….