“BeLIEve It Or Not”? Can You Spot Today’s False Statement?

“BeLIEve It or Not”……We play every weekday about 1:25pm….and it’s easy to play along…how it works:

Stu will tell you three random statements……They can be about anything, or anybody….2 of those statements will be true, and 1 will be false.  You need to try to figure out the false statement.  If you don’t know, if you’re stumped, or if you want to know if you’re right or not…..Stu will have the answer for ya coming up two songs out of the forecast…so, around 1:35 or so….Here’s today’s edition:

  1.  The average American will eat 22.5 sticks of butter this year.
  2.   Carrots were originally several colors and purple was the most common.
  3.   Frank SInatra is the only artist to have been awarded a Grammy for “Album of the Year” in 2 consecutive years.

There ya go….Can you spot the false statement?  If not, make sure you tune in around 1:35 and Stu will fill ya in…..