3 Videos That Perfectly Demonstrate Why We Commemorate Memorial Day

On this coming Memorial Day Weekend, we take time to remember those brave American servicemen and women who have died in the line of duty. We are free today because of them. We are protected because of their sacrifices. They remain in our thoughts and prayers.

President Ronald Reagan spoke on May 31st, 1982 about those that have made the ultimate sacrifice. The images in this video tell the story perfectly.

(source American Rhetoric.com via YouTube)


I found this video too, and wanted to share it because the images, paired with a speech given by Army SSG David G. Bellavia MOH are very moving.

(source Half Right Face Productions via YouTube)


And one more that features President Reagan again. I chose this one because Reagan was such an effective orator. He has such a way with words, especially when it came to praising our military and those Armed Forces members who died defending our country.

 (source Denise c via YouTube)