The Actor Who Gave Us “Festivus For The-Rest-Of -Us” Has Passed At 92!

He gave us memorable quotes from “Seinfeld” like “Festivus For The Rest Of -Us”,”The Bro or The Mansiere”? and  ” No one is touching  feet. Between you and me, Elaine, I think I’ve got a foot odor problem”.  – Frank Costanza from the brilliant actor Jerry Stiller.

Ben Stiller confirmed the news this morning that his father, legendary comedian and actor Jerry Stiller passed away from natural causes at 92.​

Jerry Stiller had a phenomenal career in comedy including his early stand up in Vegas with the comedy duo Stiller and Meara, with his wife Ann  He’s also one of those rare Hollywood breeds that had success on the small and big screens.  We knew him as “Frank”, George’s father on “Seinfeld” and the often misunderstood “Arthur” on “King of Queens”. And how many actors get to star with their real life son in some pretty big blockbuster comedies like “Zoolander”!

I’m a huge “King of Queens” fan and love my “Arthur” fix on Lifetime…5 days of week!  Arthur isn’t what you call your dream father but he’s real and he has a heart of gold that only Jerry Stiller could play to perfection.  See what Jerry Stiller’s co-stars, family and friends are sharing on his passing here: