Here’s The Proper Way To Clean Your Groceries During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Not in a million years did I think I’d share a YouTube video that teaches us all how to…”clean your groceries”. But, here it is. A doctor in Michigan named Jeffery VanWingen created the video below with A LOT of really good information on the right way to clean your groceries once you get them home. Or how to safely bring take-out or packages into your home. Think about it: someone has handled that can of green beans, loaf of bread, even bananas. And the same goes for the Amazon packages. The coronavirus can live on cardboard, plastic and even food, so it’s good advice to wipe things down before putting them in your kitchen cabinets. If we want life to return to normal sooner rather than later, SHARE THIS VIDEO WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS, PLEASE!

UPDATE: Dr VanWingen has updated his video saying do NOT wash your fruits and vegetables with soap. Instead, simply wash them with running water.

 (source Jeffery VanWingen via YouTube)