Will Styx Do One More Reunion Tour? Dennis DeYoung Hopes So!

(Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

Never say never. Dennis DeYoung may have parted ways with the band he helped form back in the day, but now he’s hoping for one last Styx tour, for the fans. When I saw this story, I thought, “not happening”, simply because there’s been bad blood between the band mates. Yes, they’ve tried to patch things up in the 90’s to hit the road together, but some say it will never happen again. Bottom line: money talks. Period. Look, these guys are most likely well off financially. But rock stars have been known to live beyond their means. So why not do one last tour and rake in the money?! DeYoung has even suggest doing as many as 100 shows, according to Rolling Stone magazine. We’ll keep you updated on whether Styx gives it one last go.

 (source Ultimate Classic Rock.com via Facebook)