Tom Cruise Goes To Sky High Limits For His Friends!

Tom Cruise goes to sky high lengths for his friends!

“Top Gun Maverick” star Glen Powell recently got his pilot’s license, and it’s all thanks to his co-star Tom Cruise who gave him flying lessons for a Christmas present.  That sure beats a pair of socks or ugly sweater!

Powel posted on social media that he completed the program. He said he remembered after shooting for the day Cruise would rocket off into the sunset in his P-51 Mustang (super fast WW11 plane) and he would have to limp off into the van.  Not now he’s a pilot and he says the wings are cooler than the wheels. Ya think?

The highly anticipated Top Gun film starring Tom and Glen is set to be release June 24 as of right now amid all the Coronavirus precautions.  Find out how many planes and jets Cruise owns here: