“Chimp In Orbit” Helps ZZ Top Foil Their Manager’s “2 Drink Limit”

ZZ Top had the unique opportunity to open for the Rolling Stones back in 1973 in Hawaii……At the time, the trio was relatively new, unheard of, but Mick Jagger liked their sound and decided to give the band the chance of a lifetime.

The band went over to Hawaii two weeks early to supposedly “work on their music” and get ready for the shows…..at least that’s what they told their manager.  Turns out, all they did was soak up the sun and soak up a lotta alcohol……

Their manager told the band the tabs were too high, and put the band on a “2 drink limit” for the rest of the stay.  But, the band found a way to beat this limit….with the help of a drink called “a chimp in orbit”.  CLICK HERE/ULTIMATE CLASSIC ROCK to learn more about the drink and find out how the shows in Hawaii went.