Watch: Cool Drone Footage Gives Fans Of Indiana Beach One Last Look

It was a sad week for many Hoosiers and amusement park enthusiasts with the announcement that Indiana Beach was closing. I grew up in Kokomo, Indiana, just a short drive to Monticello where the park was located. Our family went to Indiana Beach every summer. Such great memories. My favorite was the Mystery Mansion ride. My brother and I were 5 and 6 years old when my parents thought it would be fun to let us ride it ALONE! Slightly traumatized, but my love for haunted houses was born. 

The parent company Apex claims it was a financial decision to close Indiana Beach and not one they enjoyed making. But what seems sad is that they didn’t allow for one last summer for fans to enjoy the amusement park. They could have charged more for the ‘One Last Blast’ pass…and fans would have paid. They could have sold TONS of merchandise celebrating the park’s final season. T-shirts, cups, trinkets, posters. But number crunchers saw it differently and they so often do. Plus, it really stinks that Indiana Beach was just 5 years away from celebrating it’s 100th birthday. As the saying goes, ‘time waits for no man’.

Enjoy this beautiful drone footage of an amusement park that will live in the hears of millions, forever~

 (source: Timeless Aerial Photography LLC via YouTube)