20 Years Ago, Gene Simmons Threatened To Blow Up A Hotel…Over Poor Service?

(Photo by Jim Dyson/Getty Images)

No one likes slow room service, especially Gene Simmons. KISS’s Tommy Thayer talked with BackstageAxxess recently about the time Gene was so frustrated with hotel room service, that he threatened to blow up the place! It was 20 years ago, the band had just wrapped a concert. Gene apparently was ticked off that his call to Room Service was going unanswered. When they finally picked up, Gene says something like, “You gotta pick up the phone or I’ll blow this place up”. I find it hard to believe that Gene Simmons, legendary KISS rocker places his OWN room service order! He doesn’t have an assistant or a roadie or Paul Stanley to do that?? 

 (source BackstageAxxess via YouTube)