The Ultimate 2020 Oscars Fashion Accessory Was A Turkey Sandwich! More Surprisingly Is Who Brought It!

Forget the million dollar Harry Winston jewels, the Chanel couture,
and the Jimmy Choos, the ultimate 2020 Oscar Fashion accessory is a turkey sandwich!
Julia Butters, the 10 year old scene stealer from “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” brought the most practical accessory to the show, a big ole sandwich! And she tucked inside her pink bejeweled $2,500 purse!  I love this kid! You can tell it’s not her first awards scene rodeo.
When asked why she brought her own food, the young actress said it’s simple..”I don’t like some of the food here”.  Shhh don’t let Wolfgang Puck here that! (He’s been catering the Governor’s Ball and VIP Lounge for 25 years!) What 10 year old wouldn’t like Truffle Pot Pie?  I’m a grown woman and I don’t even like it!
Keep your eye out for this 10 year old breakout star not only is she a talented actress who stole the scene with King Leo and the late Luke Perry but she’s also a designer in the making.  See which top designer Butter’s worked with to help design her frilly pink outfit right here: