Check Out Chris Rock’s Gory “Saw” Trailer!


Chris Rock
(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Game on!! Chris Rock’s follow up film, in the gory “Saw” series, has a new title called ” Spiral”!  And it’s bloody good!

It’s unclear right now whether the movie is a sequel, prequel or spin off but Rock stars as a detective who stumbles across Jigsaw’s game from the outside and the one and only Samuel L. Jackson plays Rock’s father in the flick, who also gets sucked into Jigsaw’s violent and bloody game.   The main reason the comedian Chris Rock wanted to produce this new film is his own love for the Saw franchise.  They say comedians have that “dark side” of be the judge.  Check out the “Spiral” Trailer and why Chris Rock wanted to work with Samuel L Jackson.  Check it out: 

Samuel L. Jackson and Chris Rock Team Up in ‘Saw’ Reboot Trailer