This Could Be The Most Inappropriate Sports Broadcast You’ve Ever Heard!

At times, sports play-by-play announcers have to fill the broadcast with there’s a lull in the action. I wouldn’t think basketball would be one of them, but as you’ll hear in this very odd high school basketball broadcast, one the announcers starts talking about when his dog DIED, run over by a car! Wait, it gets worse, the other announcer is still calling the game and tries to tie a fast breaking play to the dog death story! I realize this wasn’t an NBA or even college broadcast, but COME ON! First, why is the host talking about the sad death of his dog during a high school basketball game broadcast??? PLENTY of other stories he could have chosen. And my other question is why ON EARTH, did the other announcer make lite of the dead dog story and weave it into the call of the game?! This sounded like a bad SNL skit~

 (source Ross Homan via Twitter)