Ricky Gervais Says Hosting The Golden Globes Again Is Never Gonna Happen!

Ricky Gervais says hosting next year’s Golden Globes is never gonna happen!  Just one day after playing MC at the kick off to the awards season show, the 58 year old comedian pledged on Twitter that he’s done it for the fifth time and now he’s done. 

 ​But probably not for the reasons you might think like censorship or backlash but in his own words  ” I’m too old and my Christmas was ruined because of all the show’s prep. 

Gervais did thank fans for their kudos about his most recent monologue and said it was the best reaction ever and that means a lot.  See how Ricky grades himself on the Golden Globes here:  https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-01-07/ricky-gervais-golden-globes-monologue-reaction-from-hollywood/11846632