The Golden Globes Always A Strange Night! Elton John and “Rocketman” Great Winning Moments


​The Golden Globes is always a strange night.  And while the host made it clear he didn’t care ​what was going on, speeches from some of the winners made for some powerful and bleeped moments.

Host Ricky Gervais took aim at some of the mostcontroversial topics/ of the previous year.  He made fun of the film Cats, the Me Too scandal and the Hollywood film industry.

Some of the best moments included:

Taron Egerton- winning Best Actor in a musical or comedy for “Rocketman”.  He gave a humble/honest speech for his richly deserved prize. Not only did a great job singing Elton’s hits but also wearing his outrageous costumes!

Another great moment came with the award for original song going to “Rocketman”!  The legendary duo of Elton John and Bernie Taupin received a standing O and it’s the FIRST award they’ve ever received together!

Then there were those WORST or Total Tool Moments:

One of the worst moments was Quentin Tarantino, implying he didn’t need to thank anybody when he won for best screenplay for Once Upon A Time in Hollywood saying he quote ” wrote the screenplay alone and directed it”

Find out who got bleeped, who was snubbed and who gave the most bizarre speeches..ugh Joaquin Phoenix..right here: