Some Of Our Listeners Passing Along Kindness In The WJJK Neighborhood…

Recently Joni and I invited listeners to post on our Facebook page about kind acts they’ve performed. From small everyday gestures to paying it forward, to even making big lifestyle sacrifices. Here are some of the comments we received. You guys are awesome!

Loen Irons Being a professional dog handler and trainer, I often offer free help with training people and their dogs who got their dog from a rescue or shelter knowing that some can’t afford private lessons.

Scott Blackburn I do as much volunteering help along with donating to others I’ve considered buying a new fuel powered snowblower with a metal threaded intake for the blower instead of a flap for the church I help maintain and go to to help them out more and be more efficient for them

Sarah David Kennedy I work as a cake decorator and I always compliment my partner in crime..she is an awesome cake decorator and I dont know what I’d do without her and we always buy each other starbucks or one of our other co workers will buy us one..its a nice treat and to know you are appreciated for the work we do..

Matthew Realey I open doors for anyone walking in behind me.

Sherry Collins I work at Loves travel Stop at 39 and I 70 our dinning room is cold all year I offer my jacket to anyone that seams cold while they eat at Subway

Lisa Kaye I like to give away my shopping cart at Aldi.

Diana Fleming Every time I check out of a store, I ask how the clerk is doing, I make small talk and jokes and pretty soon, they are smiling and communicating. It is especially nice during the holiday season when people are grouchy. It doesn’t cost anything, just being considerate and kind and they feel important.

Debbie Whisler Smith My husband provides a meal to Special Needs Students and their families (about 100 people) for a Special Prom every year in the spring.
He also mows 3 of our neighbors yards every week.

Leonora Simonton I try to always give a compliment when I can and treat people with respect. I truly believe What goes around comes around so I try to be nice to everyone.

Alysha Lewis I watch my friends’ fur babies when on vacation and always give out compliments/help when the opportunity arises

A Kyle Dell I plow and clean all my neighbors drives and walks in the winter , they are all great people and neighbors love to take care of them.

Tracie Richhart I like to pay for the person behind in the drive thru.

Nancy Havlin Wethington I like to make eye contact and smile at strangers. You will be amazed how many times you get a smile in return. Taking empty grocery carts back into the store, and helping people in motorized carts if there is something I can reach for them. Just be kind to one another.💋

Diane Johnson I help my daughter with the boys so she can go to work.

Karen Whitehouse I quit my job to give my mother in law 24 hr care