James Dean Is Starring In A New Movie Decades After His Death With CGI!

James Dean died over 64 years ago, but he’s just been cast in a brand new movie — thanks to the magic of CGI. The original “Rebel without a Cause” will star in a Vietnam war drama.
The movie “Finding Jack,” details “the actual existence and abandonment of over 10,000 canine units at the end of the Vietnam War,”    A CGI re-creation of Dean will have the secondary lead character “Rogan.” 
 Dean’s family considers the picture to be the star’s fourth film, “a movie he never got to make.”  A release on Veterans Day of next year is expected.
​But many people, including celebrities, aren’t happy about the casting find out which actors and celebrities are upset with this trend and why here:  https://time.com/5720705/cgi-james-dean/