“Tis The Season” For Hallmark’s “Countdown To Christmas”! Bust Out The Hot Chocolate Mugs With 40 New Movies!

Tis the season! Break out the hot chocolate and sugar cookies!
Hallmark announced its 2019 holiday movie lineup — and it’s packed with romance, family reunions, travel and all the Holy Jolly goodness we can stand!
The special 10th anniversary edition of, Countdown to Christmas, kicks off October 25th on the Hallmark Channel and rolls out 40 new original holiday movies on both of it’s networks!​  If you’re like me and my Mom this countdown is our mini Superbowl of Blue Spruce trees and twinkle lights and lots of Christmas cookies! Break out the sweat pants!!
You’ll find more than a cup of cheer on The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries Channel starring everyone from Candace Cameron Bure, to Kristen Chennowith, and Dolly Parton just to name a few.   Find out which Academy Award Winner is coming to the Hallmark Fmaily here:https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/holidays/christmas-ideas/g27571864/hallmark-christmas-movies-2019/