New Beatles Tape Reveals The Fab Four Were In Talks To Make Another Album After “Abbey Road”

An explosive new BEATLES tape reveals that the Fab Four were actually in talks to make another album after “Abbey Road”!
Beatles expert and rock historian Mark Lewison, released a little unknown tape of a meeting held 50 years ago this week between John, Paul, and George.  Lennon recorded the meeting for the benefit of Ringo Star who was in the hospital.
The books have always told us that John Lennon  (or Yoko Ono depending on your book) wanted the breakup of the Beatles. And they all wanted to go out on a high note. 
The newly uncovered tape is a part of Lewisohn’s upcoming stage show Hornsey Road, where he tells the story of “Abbey Road” 50 years..  using tape, film, photos, new audio mixes of the music, and his own memorabilia.  The 50th Anniversary of “Abbey Road” is September 26th. Check out the full story and the tape that could change history here: