Growing Pains Revival In The Works To Honor Alan Thicke!

As long as they’ve got each other — Growing Pains could come back to television! “We would love to do it,” Jeremy Miller told Us Weekly!

“Growing Pains” was one of my guilty pleasure sitcoms because even though it was kinda cheesy it was brilliantly acted and i can’t resist a theme song sung by the great BJ Thomas!

Miller  who played Ben Seaver, says, quote, “We’re still in talks right now.  We’re actually doing story creation and brainstorming   Kirk [Cameron], Tracey [Gold], and I are in constant contact about it.   [We’re] trying to put together a workable story line that will be respectful to Alan [Thicke] who died in 2016 and the cast and the history.

To find out some possible scenarios and what Kirk Cameron has to say check out: