MTV Set To Launch First Ever RealityCon!

(Photo from Pixabay)

It seems there’s a convention for everything these days from “Star Wars” to

“Star Trek” and even “My LIttle Pony”!  So it was only a matter of time until

we got one for REALITY TV.

It’s called REALITYCON and it’s being produced by MTV.  This seems fitting

since they kicked off the reality TV craze with “The Real World” back in the

90’s.  Season

No word yet on when all this realness is happening but expect to see

stars from some of the biggest reality shows of all time including ‘”Survivor”,

“The Real Housewives’, “Big Brother” , “Mob Wives”,  “Duck Dynasty” and

my favorite “The Bachelor” For the “real” low down and which of your favorite reality stars will shine check out: