Downtown Indy Is Puke City

Images from Pixabay

It’s Saint Patrick’s Day weekend and for many that means getting absolutely hammered. And downtown Indy is taking the hit. So many people have been puking on sidewalks that it’s beginning to smell. You can’t always get rid of the ugly silhouette of vomit on the concrete either (not even after rain).

Of course, there are some main spots where this happens. Watch your step around clubs like Tiki Bob’s, Cantina, Slippery Noodle, and Punch Bowl Social — even places like Mass Ave and Broad Ripple are facing this issue.

It’s unclear who is responsible for cleaning up all this vomit. Department of Public Works? Health Department? Downtown Indy Inc? Downtown Indy Inc. is currently rallying for a power-washing

Although some solid ways to avoid this issue might be to scale back the drinking, locate your nearest trash cans while out and about, or just carry a barf bag if you can’t hang… Or hold your friend’s hair back while they throw up into said trash cans.

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