Why Ben Affleck Will Always Be “Batman” To His Son


Ben Affleck
(Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


Most  parents want to be seen as heroes to their kids right? And in the case of 7 year old Samuel Affleck, his famous Dad showed up at his birthday famous cape and all!

At a premiere for his new crime thriller “Triple Frontier” Ben Affleck opened up about how his Batman-loving little boy took the news that he was hanging up his cape and cowl.

The 46 year old Oscar winner said “I just kinda stuck with like, you know, ‘It was my turn and now it somebody else’s turn.’ Because he understands turn taking and that there’s a time for everything”.​

The actor was originally set to direct a standalone Batman film in the future, which he would also star in, but he admitted recently that he wasn’t able to make it work, from a creative standpoint.

Affleck’s new thriller, Triple Frontier, hits theaters March 6 and is available for streaming on Netflix March 13.https://finance.yahoo.com/news/ben-affleck-shares-sad-moment-told-son-no-longer-batman-120626814.html