Rock Climbing Gym Serving Craft Beer Is Coming To Downtown Indy

If you’ve ever wanted to have a beer immediately after your workout, then this gym is for you! North Mass Boulder is slated–get it?–to open by the end of the year.

According to the Indy Star, the 47,000 square foot gym will have climbing, classes, cardio and weightlifting and beer. It will include a 20,000 square feet bouldering area, a seating area and cafe with an espresso machine and 14 craft beers.

Now the pricing is kind of steep, but not out of line for this kind of gym. You’re looking at $68 a month to join, but that includes access to everything including classes. You will also be able to get a day pass if you aren’t a member.

For mock up photos and more details, check out the Indy Star’s article.