Busted For Selling Lemonade Without A Permit? Country Time Will Pay Your Fines!

It’s summertime and that means kids here in Indiana and across the U.S.A will be setting up their lemonade stands, hoping to sell you a cup of the all American beverage. But of course many states, 36 actually, still insist that kid MUST have the proper permit to do this. And every summer, we share story after story of law enforcement shutting down kid run lemonade stands and issuing fines. Moronic, yes…it’s the American way. Luckily, Country Time Lemonade is back to save the day. They’ll pay those fines, up to $300. Nice to know someone’s got our back….and knows how to maintain their reputation for America’s best lemonade~

 (source Country Time Lemonade via YouTube)