A-Rod Swimming Away From Shark Tank To New Waters!

A-Rod won’t be back as a celebrity guest on “Shark Tank” — after signing a deal to star on a “very similar” show on NBC,  Alex Rodriguez announced he’s getting his own prime-time deal at the Peacock network with a “business reality show.”
Of course A-Rod already has his show ‘Back in the Game’ on CNBC . . . so this could basically be extending his deal with NBC.
An NBC insider said: “We are thrilled to be developing a show with Alex . . . The show is a high-concept business show.” And insists the new show will be nothing like Shark Tank.  Because who else could pull off having J-Lo as a featured guest?  Find out how the other sharks reacted to A Rod swimming solo here: https://dailycaller.com/2019/06/24/report-alex-rodriguez-shark-tank-new-business-reality-show/