Robert Pattinson Inherits Keys To The Batmobile!

Robert Pattinson is the new Batman

After weeks of speculation, the actor has officially inherited the keys to the Batmobile from Ben Affleck!

The 33 year old actor who shot to fame as a vampire in the Twilight films is taking on another nocturnal hero in Matt Reeves production of “The Batman

Reeves the filmmaker behind the last two “Planet of the Apes” sequels, assumed “Batman” directing duties from Ben Affleck in January 2017. 

Is it just me or does it seem like Ben Affleck has a lot of extra time on his hands right now after losing out on both roles in front of and behind the camera?

“The Batman” flies into  theaters on June 25, 2021.  It seems many fans are excited about Pattinson as the new cape crusader.  Check out these comments: