Priscilla Presley Sells Beloved Mansion To Bail Out Broke Daughter!

Priscilla Presley sold her L.A. mansion for $3.8 million after she put it on the market to bail out her BROKE &  RUMOURED TO BE drug-challenged daughter Lisa Marie.

The sale of the Brentwood area home brought in a huge cash windfall for HER DAUGHTER – WHO’S in a legal battle with her divorce and her former management team.

The only daughter of ELVIS claims that her business manager squandered her famous father’s $100 million fortune and now she can’t even afford to buy a pair of blue suede shoes!  She says she’s penniless  I’m thinking penniless to average real people like you and me is totally different than being broke to the King’s daughter.

However, Lisa Marie receives about $100,000 grand per month from the trust that holds Elvis Presley Enterprises, but she isn’t able to easily access the money.​  To check out photos of the house Mamma Priscilla sold visit: