Why Doris Day Won’t Have a Funeral or Headstone!

QUE SERÁ SERA!  ICONIC ACTRESS & SINGER and the world’s sweetheart, sweetheart Doris Day, passed away from pneumonia yesterday at her Callifornia home .
The Hollywood legned turned animal savior was 97.  And imagine this, she won’t have a funeral or a headstone!   According to Day’s close friend and manager  “The actress didn’t like to talk about death”.  The Hollywood Icon’s estate will be donated to charity for her Doris Day Animal Foundation which she created in 1978.   To find out how fans around the world and Hollywood plan to honor Doris Day click here:  https://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2019/05/14/doris-day-have-no-funeral-memorial-service-even-headstone/3664200002/