Flinch’ Is Netflix’s NEW Barn-Based Torture Game Show, but Is It Real?”

Toss Double Dare, Fear Factor, and Saw into a blender and what do you get? You get the chuncky milkshake that is FLINCH!  It’s a new Netflix gameshow that will make you wince and hopefully laugh according to producers.
Filmed on a farm in Northern Ireland, contestants must try not to jump or flinch when loud air horns are blasted into their ears or paintballs are shot at them.  How does the game work? Simple – if a contestant flinches they get shocked!  Oh boy sign me up for stupidity.
Social media reaction to the show has been overwhelmingly negative, with many people calling Flinch a form of torture disguised as entertainment.
Did I mention there are no big money prizes with the Flinch game show?  Only bragging rights.  Or perhaps an  “I’m With Stupid T-Shirt”.   To check out the first trailer take a peek here if you dare!  https://www.cnn.com/2019/05/07/entertainment/flinch-netflix-trnd/index.html