William Shatner Gave Me Parenting Advice…One Tip Shocked My Wife!




The great William Shatner was in town Friday night for a one night only event. The Murat Theater downtown Indy was PACKED with Star Trek fans, Boston Legal fans and those who have followed other avenues of his long career. Shatner is a master story teller. He OWNED the stage Friday night, and as the moderator, I’ve never had an easier and more enjoyable gig! It was like we were sitting in my living room, sipping bourbon while Shatner told stories from his acting to when he got hitched in Lebanon, IN! Before he took the stage, I had a chance to spend some time with Mr. Shatner. I told him I was a new father and asked if he had any advice. Here’s what he had to say:

Here’s a view from the packed audience at The Murat Theater on Friday night! And this was one of the few times Shatner was seated! He preferred to be up, walking the stage, telling each story with such enthusiasm.