Viral Video Of Noblesville Cougar Turns Out To Be Just A Really Fat Cat [WATCH]

This guy took us on a wild ride. Over the weekend, a Facebook user posted a video of what he claimed to be a cougar in Noblesville. The video was then shared over 10,000 times and garnered over half a million views.

Well, according to the Indy Star, it is apparently NOT a video of a cougar. Instead, the Indiana Department of Natural Resources suggests it’s merely a “well fed domesticated cat.” AKA not a cougar, just a really fat regular ol’ cat.

The Indiana DNR adds that the animal can’t be a cougar because it was “too short and its tail was too short and didn’t have black markings,” according to WTHR 13.

Check out the original post and see what you think. Cougar or fat cat?