Famous Restaurant Drops “Crack Fries” Name Over Complaints



2018 is turning out to be the MOST sensitive year, where damn near anything can offend someone! HopCat has decided to change the name of their famous fries known as “Crack Fries”. Named 11 years ago, they’ve been made with cracked pepper and yes, HopCat even admitted that were “addictive”. But apparently the name didn’t set well with some customers, so they’re changing the name. We are uber sensitive to EVERYTHING these days! CLEARLY these fries are not made with crack! It was a tongue-in cheek reference. So what’s next? Beer battered chicken tenders? Some may question why beer is being used when clearly alcoholism is a major issue in this country. Where does it end~

  (source CBS4 Indy via Facebook)

(featured image from Pixabay)