Did Greg Browning Capture A Ghost On Camera? See For Yourself Here!




A recent survey found 60% of Americans say they believe they’ve seen a ghost in their lifetime. The photo below was taken while my wife was in St. Louis visiting a family member in the hospital. It was not doctored in any way. When she sent it to me, I asked her about the green glowing image in the lake behind her. Well later when she was checking out of her hotel, she struck up a conversation with the desk clerk and told her about the photo. The clerk smiled and said they’ve had many guests tell them they’ve seen an image of a woman wading out into that lake. My wife asked if there was some kind of ghost folklore surrounding the image, and the clerk said she had heard tales of a guest, years ago, who had gone missing. So was this that ghost? Check out the photos below…

Here’s a closer look…


It’s National Love Your Pet Day

It’s National Love Your Pet Day

I’m a Super Proud Fur Mommy to Miss Sadie. This sweet kitten came into my life last September and my heart has been full ever since! She brings me joy and laughter and I do LOVE her so!