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I’ve been told I’m an “old soul”. Probably true, since I clip coupons and still believe in manners. But I’m also an instigator, in that I like to bring up taboo subject at Thanksgiving just to get a rise out of the family. Being the youngest of four kids, I’ve been able to watch my brother and sisters screw up and learn what NOT to do. Actually I’ve found plenty of ways to embarrass myself over the years…such as my failed marriage of 30 days. True story. I have no idea where the former Mrs. Greg Browning is today (and I’m hoping to keep it that way). Or the time I stuck a tick-tac up my nose as a child, learning that my brother clearly is a moron for suggesting the idea…but that I’m a bigger moron for listening to him.

I inherited the bad habit of hoarding from my mother. From old newspapers to crap in my garage that I’m sure I will never use again, I have problems throwing ANYTHING away! Perhaps there’s a support group out there that could help me…or at least drink with me. Speaking of which, I have a thing for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Not a beer man, so keep you tasteless swill to yourself.

Love to jog or bike on the Monon Trail, except for when someone’s shooting at me. Does Nike make bullet proof shorts? For years I was obsessed with trying to stay in shape. Egg white omelets, dry white toast, 1% milk were daily staples in my diet. But as I close in on turning 40 this summer, I’m realizing aches and pains I never had before. Eating junk food seems more attractive every year. But I’m too vain to become a couch potato with a beer gut…or make that a bourbon gut. At least not yet anyway.

Now a quick list of random thoughts that define me: I believe in God…despise people who litter…realize one day that my mouth will get me punched…sleep in the nude…have no faith whatsoever in our governement…suffer from IBS…love dogs and cats…have regrets, but too few to bore you with…hate to hear people eat or drink…have overcome my road rage problem…am addicted to GOOD pizza…and plan on having my pets freeze dried when they pass.

-Greg Browning

burger king

Burger King Says Their New Sandwich Can Give You Nightmares!

    What if the ingredients of a hamburger could actually increase the odds of you having a nightmare? Burger King seems to have discovered how to do that with their new, limited time sandwich, The Nightmare King. Researchers explain in this video how it works:   (source and featured image from BURGER KING via…MORE


See How Queen Came Up With Their Hit “We Will Rock You”

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Squirrel With Large Breasts Has Social Media Going Nuts!

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Trick-Or-Treating Hours For Central Indiana Communities

    Helping you to prepare for Halloween with droves of kids soon to be knockin’ on your door, begging for candy. Here’s the latest list of Trick-or-Treating hours for many central Indiana communities: Marion County (October 31) Beech Grove: 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Indianapolis* Lawrence: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Southport* Speedway: 6…MORE


Read Lindsey’s Emotional Email To Mick Fleetwood…Too Little Too Late?

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I Survived The Headless Horseman Hayride At Conner Prairie! [VIDEO]

     Last night, my wife and I took our two and a half year old out to Conner Prairie for the Headless Horseman hayride. The cool thing is that you can experience this fun fall event while there’s still daylight, as we did…but you can also wait until it’s pitch dark. Our son loved…MORE


Lindsey Buckingham Is Suing Fleetwood Mac Over His Firing

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Impressive Beatboxer Uses A McDonalds Cup To Wow The Customers!

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Man Hits Squirrel…Gives It CPR…And Saves It’s Life!

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How To Carve A Halloween Pineapple This Month!

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tree chiops

The New Holiday “Tree-t”… Christmas Tree Flavored Potato Chips?!

    Hey I love Christmas like the nice guy, but do we seriously need Christmas Tree flavored potato chips? Not scented, FLAVORED! Like you’re actually EATING that beautifully decorated scotch pine! It’s a real thing, and now I’ve GOTTA get a bag and try them! Here’s where to order yours: Just when you thought…MORE


Ozzy Postpones Show Over Infected Body Part…It’s Not What You Think

     With Ozzy, it’s always something! He had to cancel a weekend show because of an infection. He was sent to the hospital, and if nothing else, you gotta click on the link below to see the Prince Of Darkness sitting in a hospital bed eating an ice cream cone~   (source Ultimate Classic…MORE


Toddler Accidentally Put Envelope Stuffed With Cash Thru A Shredder!

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Amazing Drone Video Of Fall Foliage You Gotta See!

     How can you not love this time of year, especially with video like this! Kudos to Justin McFarland who shot this incredible drone footage in Utah’s Ogden Valley. WOW!   (source KENS 5 via Facebook & Justin McFarland)MORE


Cheerleader Bribes Students With Pot Brownies For Homecoming Queen Votes

    One Michigan cheerleader had high hopes (pardon the pun) of being crowned Homecoming Queen. The 17 year old is accused of offering students pot brownies for their vote. Seems like something out of an Saturday Night Live comedy, but it’s real, and real trouble for the teen. She’s now facing FELONY charges…find out…MORE


Creepy Halloween Ice Cream Made With…Real Blood & Insects!

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Tuesday Oct 2nd Marks The 1st Anniversary Of The Passing Of Tom Petty

     Tomorrow (Oct 2nd) marks the one year anniversary of the passing of a rock legend. Tom Petty’s wife opened up in a recent interview about why he didn’t want to have hip replacement surgery immediately. The guy was in pain but still performed on what he probably knew was his final tour. To…MORE


Paul McCartney’s New Children’s Book: “Hey Grandude!”

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Here’s The First Photo Of Tom Hanks As Plays Mr. Rogers! Wow!

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Find Out Why Tim Allen Became So Emotional In Filming ‘Toy Story 4’

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Pacers FanJam, Dragon Boat Races & More Happening In Indy This Weekend!

     Now that Fall is officially here, the pumpkin patches and corn mazes will be hoppin’! And Pacers fans won’t wanna miss the FanFest this Saturday, especially since the Pacemates will be there! And you’ll do a double take for sure if you’re downtown on the canal and see DRAGON BOATS! Get details on…MORE


Help Donate Baseball Gloves & Equipment To Our Troops Overseas

     Join us and show some love to our brave service men and women who are serving overseas. The VFW Post 10003 in Carmel is collecting baseballs, gloves are other sport goods. Here’s how you can donate:   (source and Featured Image from CBS4 Indy via Facebook)MORE


Would You Stay In A Coffin For 30 Hours To Win Amusement Park Passes & Cash?!

     There isn’t enough money to get me into this ‘coffin challenge’ that Six Flags is hosting! Okay, maybe $1,000,000. Looks like 6 contestants will see who can stay in their coffin for 30 HOURS! WHAT?!?! Any bathroom breaks? Any light in there? This is insane! And I’m sorry but Six Flags needs to add…MORE


Paul Simon’s Farewell Tour Comes To An End…For Now.

    Goodbye Paul Simon. He’s hanging it up. Done. Finished. Well, at least for now. Paul announced earlier this year that he felt he’s come to a place in his life where he was finished touring. Watch parts of his last performance here, and read why he’s not totally done…   (source Ultimate Classic…MORE


New Beer, “Small-Town Hero” Will Honor Noblesville Teacher

     Can’t think of a better local hero to honor with a beer. Jason Seamen has probably had a few people offer to buy him a beer after his heroic actions back in May…but how bout NAMING a beer in his honor? Learn more about where you can sample this new IPA, here:  …MORE

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Watch Farm Aid This Saturday Via A Free Webcast

     John Mellencamp, Willie Nelson, Dave Mathews and many other musicians will be rocking Conneticut this Saturday Sept 22nd for a worthy cause. Farm Aid is sold out, but you can still watch it for FREE via a webcast below. So what’s Farm Aid? Co-founder Willie Nelson summed it up saying,  “Folks are educating…MORE


Where’s Chevy Chase These Days? Not Watching SNL…Here’s Why

     For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a HUGE fan of Chevy Chase. In awe of his work in ‘Fletch’, ‘Family Vacation’ and ‘Spies Like Us’, and of course his time on Saturday Night Live. I mean this is one of the ORIGINAL cast members of SNL! But these days, Chevy…MORE


Allman Brothers’ Dickey Betts Has Freak Accident Requiring Brain Surgery Tomorrow

     Thoughts and prayers with musician Dickey Betts, as he prepares to go under the knife for a serious brain surgery tomorrow. Read more about this fluke of an accident caused the 75 year rocker to be in critical condition.   (source Ultimate Classic Rock’s Facebook page) (featured image By Capricorn Records (Billboard, page 53,…MORE


Writer Says Bert & Ernie Are Gay…Not That There’s Anything Wrong With That!

    A writer for Sesame Street confirms what some have speculated for years: Bert & Ernie are gay. He explains that he wrote 15 years of material for the famous puppets based upon his own lifestyle and relationship. But Sesame Street officials have chimed in saying the muppet duo don’t have a sexual orientation.…MORE


WATCH: It’s National Roundabout Week! A Refresher On How To Use Them!

    This week we’re celebrating National Roundabout Week. Whether you’re a fan or not, we thought we’d take a moment to share this refresher course on how to use a roundabout. Let’s face it, they’re still somewhat new to many communities in Central Indiana. We had a caller on the Morning Show today ask:…MORE


WATCH: Betty White Honored At Last Night’s Emmy Awards!

    The 70th Emmy Awards honored legendary actress Betty White last night. Her career has spanned several decades with multiple shows and movies, and at the age of 96 she still had the crowd laughing. But as you’ll see in the video below, Ms White’s age is slowing catching up to her. She had…MORE


At 69, Richard Gere Will Soon Be A Dad Again!

    Apparently the new trend in Hollywood is to tackle fatherhood (again, in some cases) as a SENIOR CITIZEN! Elton John, Mick Jagger and countless others are doing just that. Add Richard Gere to the list. He’s 69 and his 35 year old wife, Alejandra are expecting.  I’m 45 and the first time parent…MORE


Remembrance Ceremonies Today On The 17th Anniversary Of 9/11

    Today we remember those 2,977 victims who died on September 11, 2001. It’s a day we’ll never forget. There are several ceremonies and events taking place throughout Central Indiana that you can participate in today. Details, here: (source CBS4 Indy’s Facebook page) (Featured Image By UA_Flight_175_hits_WTC_south_tower_9-11.jpeg: Flickr user TheMachineStops (Robert J. Fisch)derivative work:…MORE