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I’ve been told I’m an “old soul”. Probably true, since I clip coupons and still believe in manners. But I’m also an instigator, in that I like to bring up taboo subject at Thanksgiving just to get a rise out of the family. Being the youngest of four kids, I’ve been able to watch my brother and sisters screw up and learn what NOT to do. Actually I’ve found plenty of ways to embarrass myself over the years…such as my failed marriage of 30 days. True story. I have no idea where the former Mrs. Greg Browning is today (and I’m hoping to keep it that way). Or the time I stuck a tick-tac up my nose as a child, learning that my brother clearly is a moron for suggesting the idea…but that I’m a bigger moron for listening to him.

I inherited the bad habit of hoarding from my mother. From old newspapers to crap in my garage that I’m sure I will never use again, I have problems throwing ANYTHING away! Perhaps there’s a support group out there that could help me…or at least drink with me. Speaking of which, I have a thing for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Not a beer man, so keep you tasteless swill to yourself.

Love to jog or bike on the Monon Trail, except for when someone’s shooting at me. Does Nike make bullet proof shorts? For years I was obsessed with trying to stay in shape. Egg white omelets, dry white toast, 1% milk were daily staples in my diet. But as I close in on turning 40 this summer, I’m realizing aches and pains I never had before. Eating junk food seems more attractive every year. But I’m too vain to become a couch potato with a beer gut…or make that a bourbon gut. At least not yet anyway.

Now a quick list of random thoughts that define me: I believe in God…despise people who litter…realize one day that my mouth will get me punched…sleep in the nude…have no faith whatsoever in our governement…suffer from IBS…love dogs and cats…have regrets, but too few to bore you with…hate to hear people eat or drink…have overcome my road rage problem…am addicted to GOOD pizza…and plan on having my pets freeze dried when they pass.

-Greg Browning

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4 Christmas Light Displays In Central Indiana You Gotta See!

    The Reynolds Farm Equipment store in Noblesville has become a major hot spot this time of year. Sure they have cool John Deer equipment, but it’s the impressive ‘drive-thru’ display of Christmas lights. Located just off State Road 37 and 126th street. (source Reynolds Farm Equipment John Deer FREE Christmas Lights Display via…MORE


A Missouri Newspaper Folds Because Of It’s Embarrassing Name…

    Of allllllllllll the possible names you could choose for a newspaper, THIS is the one you chose?! I get it that it’s the name of the small town in Missouri, but they knew some people were gonna chuckle.    (source WFLA via Facebook) (featured image from Hilo Tribune, March 21, 1905 [Public domain], via…MORE


Indiana Breweries Lend A Hand To Help California Wildfire Victims

    Props to several local breweries who are helping those affected by the devastating wildfires that recently did massive destruction in California. Upland and Switchyard are joining forces with 1,000+ other breweries to create Resilience Butte County Proud IPA, donating 100% of sales to the fund. Read more here: Upland and Switchyard Collaborate for Resilience…MORE


9 Year Old Colorado Boy Helps Makes Snowball Fights Legal Again!

    Almost every town across America has some antiquated law that’s not really enforced, but is on the law books. For young Dane Best, he was surprised to learn it’s illegal to partake in a snowball fight in Convinces, Colorado. Why? So with some encouragement from his mom, Dane requested to speak at a…MORE


A Realistic “Christmas Vacation” Display Causes Panic!

    You’ve heard of Halloween decorations that are extreme, but how about Christmas decorations that cause panic! A family in Austin, Texas had this impressive “Christmas Vacation” display that caused panic. A dummy resembling Clark Griswald was hanging from the gutter, Christmas lights wrapped around his legs. You can see where people driving by…MORE

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Incredible Tributes To President George H.W. Bush

    With the passing of our 41st president, George H.W. Bush, there have been some great tributes posted on social media. Here are a few of our favorites~ Mission complete. #Remembering41 — Jim McGrath (@jgm41) December 3, 2018 (source and Featured Image from Jim McGrath via Twitter) Naval Aviation mourns the passing of…MORE


The Famous Recording Console That Produced “Stairway To Heaven” Is For Sale!

    Most people wouldn’t geek out over a studio console…that is unless it was used to mix some of the most classic hits of all time like ‘Stairway To Heaven’ and ‘Peace Train’, ‘I Shot The Sheriff’ and ‘Angie’. The console is for sale and you won’t believe how much it could fetch!  …MORE


Here’s The Rumored Lineup For The 50th Anniversary Woodstock Concert Next Year…

    Next year is the 50th anniversary of one of thee most famous concerts…ever. Woodstock. Promoters have been working on a lineup for the last few years, and now they finally have their “wish list” of performers who they hope will be there. It’s an impressive list of Classic Hits bands and artists…but there…MORE


‘Half’ Christmas Trees Are The New Trend This Year…Bah Humbug!

    Are you serious? Half a Christmas tree?! Sure it might keep the cat from climbing it, or a little ankle biter from pulling it over, but this isn’t a Christmas tree! When I was a kid, our neighbor had a cat who would constantly climb their tree, knocking off ornaments or even bringing…MORE


The Creator Of ‘SpongeBob Squarepants’ Has Sadly Died

    Stephen Hillenburg was a marine biologist, turned famous cartoonist. And he provided millions of children and adults laughter with those strange little creatures who lived within the ocean. Thank you Mr. Hillenburg for your brilliance and silliness~   (source CBS4 Indy. featured image from Tomas Castelazo [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (],…MORE


Put Your Baby To Sleep With These Tom Petty Classic Lullabies

    Need help getting your baby to sleep? Try a Tom Petty classic like ‘Free Fallin’ or ‘American Girl’. Now it’s a much softer, more gentle instrumental version of these Petty tunes, but as you’ll hear in the video below, they are soothing. The album was released this week and will be out digitally…MORE


Texas Realtor Uses Underwear Models To Help Sell A Difficult Home!

    Most realtors have struggled at times with that one house that just no one seems to be interested in. A Texas realtor got creative and hired a couple of attractive models to pose for photos in the home. Brilliant! Of course there were a few complaints so the realtor association forced her to…MORE

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VIDEO: 5 Safety Tips To Remember Before Deep Frying Your Turkey!

    Deep frying your turkey this Thanksgiving?…you’ll definitely want to watch this short video with DOs and DON’Ts when frying your bird. See what happens when you use too much cooking oil! WHOA!   (source and Featured Image from City Of CarlsbadCA via YouTube)MORE


Polar Plunge Goes Wrong!…Guys You’ll Especially Want To Watch It!

    Watch as this smokin’ hot Russian attempts a polar plunge, only to realize the lake is FROZEN!  OUCH! She broke her ankle and I would imagine there wasn’t a shortage of men who would be willing to help pamper her during her recovery.   (source and Featured Image from ViralHog via YouTube)MORE


Grand Prix Racecar Driver Goes Airborne At 171 MPH, Crashes & Survives!!

    This is one of thee most unbelievable crashes I have ever seen in racing! It took place at the Macau Grand Prix 2018 yesterday, when a German driver went airborne at 171 MILES PER HOUR! Incredible that she survived, suffering a fracture to her spine. Unreal footage in the first 10 seconds of…MORE


Greg Browning Gives You A Preview Of “Jurassic Quest” In Indy This Weekend!

    DINOSAURS ARE INVADING INDIANAPOLIS THIS WEEKEND (11/16-18)! Check out “Jurassic Quest” this weekend at the Indiana State Fairgrounds! These incredible animatronic dinosaurs come to life, and are sure to impress kids and kids at heart. Check out our video below and get more info here: CLICK HERE  MORE


Commercial Featuring Elton John Shows How His Career Began

    Normally we have to wait til the Super Bowl to see some of the most creative TV commercials. Check out a new ad for a department store in the U.K. that never shows their stores or products, but instead hits a GRAND SLAM by showcasing Elton John and how it all began. Incredibly…MORE


Christmas Festivals And Dinosaurs This Weekend!…Here’s Where You’ll Find Them

    Get in the Christmas spirit this weekend with Christmas festivals in Carmel, Moorseville, Plainfield and Greenwood!  Click the box below to find out all the details. AND if you or your kids are into dinosaurs, you can’t miss the HUGE “Jurassic Quest” event, back in Indy starting today 11/16 and running through the…MORE


College Basketball Player Barred From University For The Dirtiest Play Ever!

    In Indiana we live and breathe basketball. So we understand that temps can flare up, but watch as a college basketball player commits an ASSAULT on his opponent during a recent game. The player has been suspended and even BARRED from campus! Officials say further charges may result. Check out this video. I…MORE


School Delays & Closings For Thursday November 15th

    Here’s the latest school delays and closings today (updated at 7:23 a.m)… #Happykids Childcare and Learning Center | Closed ABC Stewart School | Closed ACE Preparatory Academy Charter School | Closed A Place to Grow Childcare Ministry | Opening 3 hours late Acacia Academy | Opening 2 hours late Alexandria Community School Corp | Opening 2 hours late All…MORE


What Did Bono Mean When He Recently Said, “We’re Going Away Now”?

    With several decades under their belt, U2 may be “calling it a day”. As their recent show in Berlin was ending, Bono addressed the crowd telling them that U2 has played for quite a few years, yadda, yadda, yadda…”…we’re going away now”. Hmmmm…what does that mean? I mean come on, they’re young compared…MORE

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New This Christmas: Sausage-Scented Wrapping Paper??

    Nothing says Merry Christmas like opening presents! But this year instead of throwing away all that wrapping paper, SMELL IT first! Jimmy Dean’s has created a sausage-scented wrapping paper that you might find yourself nibbling on. Check it out here…   (source via Facebook. Featured Image by Kelvin Kay, en:user:kkmd [GFDL (…MORE

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Check Out The New ‘Toy Story 4’ Trailer, Here!

    Disney struck gold back in 1995 with their animated film, “Toy Story”. And with voices like Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Don Rickles, how could you go wrong?! Now ‘Toy Story 4’ is set to be released next summer, with the introduction of a new character, Forky. Watch the new trailer here…best part…MORE

joe perry

Aerosmith’s Joe Perry Collapses At Billy Joel’s Concert

    Joe Perry did a guest performance at Madison Square Garden over the weekend with Billy Joel, but apparently collapsed backstage. Perry was taken to the hospital. This isn’t the first time the rock legend has collapsed while performing. Similar incident occurred two years ago. Here’s the latest on his condition…   (source Ultimate…MORE


“A Christmas Story” Baby Photo Causes Backlash Because Of Toy Gun?! See It Here…

    “YOU’LL SHOOT YOUR EYE OUT KID!”. Fans of ‘A Christmas Story’ recall that famous line that Santa uttered to young Ralphie. A very talented photographer from Shelbyville, Indiana took the photo below. Spot on! So creative! So beautiful! So fun! And of course, cue the controversial criticisim. WHAT?! Yep, apparently some see this…MORE


Mellencamp & Meg Ryan Are Engaged! But Will They Actually Do It?

    Looks like John has asked Meg for her hand in marriage. And I’m a little surprised she said ‘yes’. I mean Mellencamp admitted in an interview that she “hates me to death”. So why the change of heart now? Face it, they’re both older and are set in their ways. John’s not gonna…MORE


“Breaking Bad” Movie Coming Soon! Will Bryan Cranston Be In It?

     One of the biggest tv series EVER, ‘Breaking Bad’ is being made into a movie! Production apparently will start next month, but no word on whether lead actor Bryan Cranston or his sidekick, Aaron Paul will be involved. Cranston recently confirmed the rumors of the movie, and here’s what he had to say…MORE


Thanksgiving Flavored Pringles Chips Go On Sale Tonight! 3 Delicious Flavors!

    Do you remember last year when we told you that Pringles was testing some “Thanksgiving” flavored chips? They wouldn’t be for sale to the public, this was just to see if anyone would want them. Turns out, Americans LOVE their chips and LOVE Thanksgiving! Starting tonight, 11/6/18, you can order them from…MORE


Fed Ex Driver Finds A Wandering Toddler Playing Under His Truck!

    This video is absolutely the craziest thing you may see all week! Watch as a Fed Ex delivery driver turns on his body camera to document what he found lurking behind his truck. As a parent myself I know it can take just seconds for a toddler to open a door and wander…MORE

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The Racing Community Remembers Mari Hulman George

    “Gentlemen, start your engines!”. That famous phrase was made legendary by Mari Hulman George for years at the start of the Indy 500. Mari passed away over the weekend at 83. She’s being remembered not only for her contributions to the racing community, but also for her charitable work. We are the racing…MORE


How Accurate Is The New “Bohemian Rhapsody” Film In Telling Queen’s Story?

    One of thee biggest films of 2018 opens this weekend. “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the story of legendary musician Freddie Mercury and the iconic band Queen. Imagine telling their story! It’s been nearly 3 years in the making because of various issues with actors, directors, etc. So, does this film really tell Queen’s story…MORE


Fun Events This Weekend Featuring Wizards To Reptiles And More!

    You’ve got your pick this weekend of fun things to do in the Circle City! From reptiles to wizards, to Christmas craft shows and basketball, check out all the details here…   (source CBS4) (Featured Image By No machine-readable author provided. Pylartes assumed (based on copyright claims). [GFDL (, CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or CC BY…MORE


Greg Browning Talks With Guitarist Richard Williams Of Kansas

    Kansas makes their return to Indy Saturday November 10th, playing Murat Theater at Old National Center. I talked this week with their original guitarist Richard Williams, who opened up about whether the band plans to retire anytime soon, how he relaxes when not touring, and how he got into the biz. Tickets still…MORE


Building Evacuated Over A Suspicious Package That Contained…A Journey Tape?!

    With the recent headlines of strange packages being mailed to certain politicians, police are on their guard. A North Carolina building was evacuated and the bomb squad was called after an odd envelope was discovered. So what was inside? Pipe bomb? Deadly substance? Not quite…it was a Journey cassette tape. WHAT?!   (source…MORE


This Is Thee Creepiest 3 Minute Short Film You Will Ever See!!

    This week I’ve been watching some of my all time favorite scary films to really get into the Halloween spirit. ‘Psycho’…’The Strangers’…and ‘Sinister’ are a few I would highly recommend. But check out this short, independent film called “Lights Out” by director David F. Sandberg. It’s under 3 minutes and it is well worth…MORE


Jon Bon Jovi Slams ‘The Kardashians’…You Gotta Read This!

     Big shocker, but you won’t catch Rock N Roll Hall Of Famer, Jon Bon Jovi watching Real House Wives Of Beverly Hills or The Kardashians anytime soon. Jon especially goes after Kim in an interview he recently did with The Sunday Project, a part of Yahoo!   (source Ultimate Classic Rock via Facebook)…MORE


Watching A Horror Film Can Help You Burn More Calories!

    Apparently if you wanna burn calories, you don’t have to get on that exercise bike anymore. Now you can just watch “The Shinning”. Researchers out of the University of Westminster in London have discovered that certain flix help get your heart rate up which burns calories. Here’s the Top 5 scary films that…MORE


Would Freddie Have Approved Of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’? Brian May Weighs In

    One of the year’s biggest films, ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ opens next weekend (Nov 2nd). It’s the story of a legendary musician and band. But the story has so many layers to it, so are wondering if Freddie Mercury would have liked it. There’s plenty of glitz and glamour in sharing this type of story,…MORE


Scary Guinness World Records: Largest Ouija Board, Biggest Snake And More!

    Halloween brings out some pretty spooky each year. But check out the world’s LARGEST Ouija Board! And the biggest snake! How about a man who has the world’s largest CLOWN collection?! And if you’re scared of spiders, watch as a man lets tarantulas cover his entire body!   (source and Featured Image from…MORE


Unbelievable Mega Millions Losing Ticket That Was Off By Just One Digit!!

     It’s one thing to only match one, maybe two numbers in the Mega Millions record breaking BILLION dollar drawing this week…but check out this ticket. They have two of the number matched, but their other numbers are all off by just ONE digit!!  At first I thought it was photo shopped, but after…MORE


A Michigan Town Has Banned Clown Costumes This Halloween!

    Kids and adults in Oak Park, Michigan can have fun during an annual Halloween event, just as long as they don’t show up in a clown costume. City officials say clowns are too scary. They also site news stories over the last few years of clown sightings that were freaking people out. They…MORE


Meet Harriet, The Irish Donkey Who Can Sing…Opera?!

    They say everyone has a hidden talent, and as you’ll hear in this video, that includes an Irish donkey. She’s getting a lot of attention because when she brays, she hits such a high note it sounds like she’s singing opera!    (Source and Featured Image from Storyful Rights Management)MORE


Thee Coolest, Most Creative Halloween Costumes For Kids!

     Whether you’re entering a Halloween costume contest or you just want to have THEE getup that everyone in your neighborhood and Facebook will be talking about, here are some AMAZING costume ideas! Especially the costume at :46 in this video! WOW!!   (source and Featured Image from FactsForYou via YouTube)MORE