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I’ve been told I’m an “old soul”. Probably true, since I clip coupons and still believe in manners. But I’m also an instigator, in that I like to bring up taboo subject at Thanksgiving just to get a rise out of the family. Being the youngest of four kids, I’ve been able to watch my brother and sisters screw up and learn what NOT to do. Actually I’ve found plenty of ways to embarrass myself over the years…such as my failed marriage of 30 days. True story. I have no idea where the former Mrs. Greg Browning is today (and I’m hoping to keep it that way). Or the time I stuck a tick-tac up my nose as a child, learning that my brother clearly is a moron for suggesting the idea…but that I’m a bigger moron for listening to him.

I inherited the bad habit of hoarding from my mother. From old newspapers to crap in my garage that I’m sure I will never use again, I have problems throwing ANYTHING away! Perhaps there’s a support group out there that could help me…or at least drink with me. Speaking of which, I have a thing for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Not a beer man, so keep you tasteless swill to yourself.

Love to jog or bike on the Monon Trail, except for when someone’s shooting at me. Does Nike make bullet proof shorts? For years I was obsessed with trying to stay in shape. Egg white omelets, dry white toast, 1% milk were daily staples in my diet. But as I close in on turning 40 this summer, I’m realizing aches and pains I never had before. Eating junk food seems more attractive every year. But I’m too vain to become a couch potato with a beer gut…or make that a bourbon gut. At least not yet anyway.

Now a quick list of random thoughts that define me: I believe in God…despise people who litter…realize one day that my mouth will get me punched…sleep in the nude…have no faith whatsoever in our governement…suffer from IBS…love dogs and cats…have regrets, but too few to bore you with…hate to hear people eat or drink…have overcome my road rage problem…am addicted to GOOD pizza…and plan on having my pets freeze dried when they pass.

-Greg Browning


Could MMA Fighter Conor McGregor Be Going To Prison?

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Watch: 8 Year Old Has Mad Drum Skills Pulling Off Led Zeppelin Classic!

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How Well Do You Know ZZ Top? Take Our ‘True False Fan Quiz’!

    Ahead of tomorrow night’s WJJK Summer Bash featuring ZZ Top and John Fogerty, we thought we’d test your knowledge about the Texas Trio. See how many questions you can get right! Scroll down to the very bottom for the answers (no peaking!) By the way, BOGO tickets for our show are still available…MORE


Nothing Says Love This Father’s Day Like A Cheese Sculpture Of Your Dad!

    Father’s Day is this Sunday, so this year, go BIG! Give dear old dad a gift that shows your love for him and…cheese? Yes, Kraft is creating a five of these one of a kind cheese sculptures of dads around the world. You can place your bid here: . Deadline is 4:00 p.m. ET…MORE


What You Can & Can’t Bring To This Week’s WJJK Summer Bash

    This Wednesday June 13th the WJJK Summer Bash at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center! ZZ Top and John Fogerty will rock the house and tickets are still available at . Here’s a list of items you CANNOT bring to the show: Weapons of any kind Alcohol Illegal drugs/substances Glass containers Cans Coolers…MORE


Cool Photos Of Last Night’s Poison/Cheap Trick Concert!

    Not surprised at all that fans LOVED last night’s performances by Bret Michaels and Poison at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center…and the guys of Cheap Trick! Enjoys these incredible photos taken by WJJK photographer Tommy Combs!MORE


Guys, Here’s A Father’s Day Gift Sure To “Protect The Family Jewels”!

     FINALLY a pair of underpants that will save “the family legacy”! FridaBalls is a real product for any dad that has been smacked in his jewels by a crazy child. Speaking from experience, I have needed this product many times since my two year old was born. A baby’s kicking feet can cause…MORE


After 60 Years, IHOP Is Changing It’s Name To IHOB…What’s The ‘B’ Stand For?

    International House Of Pancakes has customers scratchin’ their heads with the recent announcement that they’re changing their iconic initials from IHOP to IHOb. Joni and I were speculating on the Morning Show as to WHAT the ‘b’ will stand for. Joni, like many have speculated that it will stand for ‘breakfast’. But IHOP…MORE

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True Love: Elderly Man Helps Visually Impaired Wife Apply Her Makeup

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Unbelievable Photos Of Tommy Lee’s $4,650,000 California Home For Sale!

     Rock stars live such a rough life. Tommy Lee has one incredible pad up for sale, even dropping the price from $6,000,000 to $4.65 million! 10,000 square feet, with indoor waterfall, retractable glass roof, 13 car garage and a sick piano shaped pool! These photos are really impressive!   (source Ultimate Class Rock’s…MORE


Impressive 5,000 Pound Statue Honors Zeppelin’s Jason Bonham

     A really cool sculpture honoring Led Zeppelin’s drummer John Bonham was unveiled this week in his hometown in England. This thing weighs over 5,000 pounds! The sculptor did something unique learning from the vandalism that was done to the David Bowie statue. Find out what he did, here:   (source Ultimate Classic Rock’s…MORE


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    There’s no denying it, Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of thee greatest rock bands in the 60s and 70s. A large part of that success was because of John Fogerty. I mean he wrote their hit songs, he sang lead vocals, and played a mean guitar (STILL DOES!). Fogerty will be a part…MORE


Scared, Stranded Dog Shows Love For Firefighter Who Rescued Him!

     Even a dog can appreciate our brave firefighters! Watch as this stranded pooch shows some gratitude to a Maine fireman, helping rescue him from a rooftop. Apparently the dog snuck out the upstairs window, but then was too afraid to climb back in. Nearby neighbors and even people passing by saw the dog…MORE


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WATCH: Billy Gibbons Talks About The Time They Nearly Shaved Their Beards!

     ZZ Top will be rockin’ the WJJK Summer Bash next month on June 13th at Ruoff Mortgage Music Center. You may not know this, but the guys of ZZ Top were once offered $1,000,000 to shave off their famous beards!! Find out what happened, here…   (source and Featured Image from KLRU, Blues-Rock…MORE

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High School For Sale On Craigslist?! A Senior Prank Goes Horribly Wrong.

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driver milk

Here’s The 2018 Indy 500 Milk Preference Poll From The Drivers!

    Each of the 33 drivers in this Sunday’s 102nd running of the Indy 500 hope to be in Winners Circle drinking, and even pouring milk in celebration of a win! Did you know they actually get a choice between Whole Milk, 2% Milk or Fat Free Milk. This Indy 500 tradition dates back…MORE


Beech Grove Residents…Beware Of A 14 Foot Python On The Loose!

     Lock your doors, call the kids and pets inside. A 14 foot long Burmese Python has escaped it’s owner’s home and is on the loose. The snake, known as Vine, has been missing for several days now and the cops are warning residents in the Beech Grove area to be on the lookout!…MORE


WATCH: Humorous Commencement Speeches From Bowie, Bono, Page And More!

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First Ever Scratch-And-Sniff Stamps From The Post Office Coming!

    US Postal Service wants you to enjoy the sweet smells of summer with a first ever ‘scratch-and-sniff’ stamp. 10 different stamps with pictures of popsicles will feature scents of chocolate, fruits and root beer. You can start the scratching on June 20th when they’ll be available. Now since they’re stamps, why not make…MORE


WATCH: Prince Harry & Meghan Markle’s Cool Wedding Day Jaguar!

     Harry and Meghan had a sweet, sweet ride to take them to the cathedral this past weekend!  A Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero!  But I am highly disappointed to learn that they didn’t get to keep it! IT WAS A RENTAL?!?! “Just be sure and have it back to Enterprise, gased up by 9:00…MORE


Find Out What Words Were Created The Year You Were Born!

    This is pretty cool….Merriam-Webster dictionary has a feature on their website that will allow you to look up the words that were first created the year you were born. For instance, I was born in 1973, and here are some of the words who were also given birth that day: bikini wax, C-section,…MORE


James Hinchcliffe Asks Fans To Roll Up Their Sleeves & Donate Blood Today

     Well, fan favorite James Hinchcliffe may not be suiting up for this weekend’s race (or will he?), but he’s asking Indy 500 fans to donate blood today to the American Red Cross. By helping, you get somethin’ pretty cool: a garage pass at IMS! Help our community and get some awesome access to…MORE


How Freddie Mercury Reacted The 1st Time He Heard “Ice, Ice Baby”…Uh, Oh!

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Get Ready To Try The New ‘Def Leppard Pale Ale’ This Summer!

     May 23rd. Mark the calendar because that’s when the new Def Leppard Pale Ale will be available. Well, for us in Central Indiana, probably more like early July when the band rolls into town.  So what makes this brew so special?  Check out this video with the brewery and the band…    (video…MORE


WATCH: Family Regrets Getting Out Of Car At Safari Park!

     Over the weekend, a family wanted to get a closer look at an outdoor Safari Park, so they got out of their vehicle. Several cheetahs were lying around nearby, so the family probably thought it was safe. Uh, no. NEVER get out when there are WILD animals who see you as LUNCH!! Spoiler…MORE


Lindsey Buckingham Speaks Out For The First Time About Being Fired

     Lindsey Buckingham opens up during a recent solo performance, and gives his side of the story in being dismissed from a legendary band he created. Lindsey talks about what really makes him sad with Fleetwood Mac’s decision, but also what opportunity lies ahead.    (video source Brian Larsen via YouTube)MORE


Woman Sends Date 65,000 Texts & Breaks Into His Home, Found Doing This!

    This story is why those who choose to be single, stay single! A woman in Arizona has been charged with stalking a man that she gone out with on ONE date. He apparently wasn’t interested, but she wasn’t ready to take no for an answer. She supposedly sent him 65,000 texts (500 a…MORE


Send A Mother’s Day eCard Filled With Music From Billy Joel!

    Mother’s Day is this Sunday May 13th. If your mom loves Billy Joel, here’s the perfect e-card to send to her! Billy’s record label, Sony, came up with a site called AlwaysLoveYou, where you can select various tunes from The Piano Man and design a custom ecard to send to that glorious woman…MORE


Phil Collins Teases Fans He Has A ‘BIG’ Announcement Today!

     Social media is a buzz over Phil Collins’ recent post on Facebook. He’s got something he wants to share with fans today. So it’s probably a concert announcement…but could it be a GENESIS REUNION TOUR announcement?!    (source Phil Collins Facebook page)MORE


Literally The Coolest ‘Extreme Cut Out Jeans’…At $168 A Pair?!

     Forget ‘shorts’ this summer…why not go for something really cool (literally!). Carmar Denim has created jeans that have a zipper, button, belt loops and partially cover your legs. Okay, you gotta have the right legs and body to wear these. And if you do, please buy a pair~   (source Tribune Media Wire)…MORE


Keeping That Lost Money That Spilled Onto I70 Could Land You In Jail!

     $600,000 went flying across I70 on Indy’s west side earlier this week, when an armored truck’s door came open. Sounds like something out of a hollywood thriller, right? Indiana State Police have a warning for those that got out of their cars to grab any of that cash: IT’S THEFT.  But you can…MORE