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I’ve been told I’m an “old soul”. Probably true, since I clip coupons and still believe in manners. But I’m also an instigator, in that I like to bring up taboo subject at Thanksgiving just to get a rise out of the family. Being the youngest of four kids, I’ve been able to watch my brother and sisters screw up and learn what NOT to do. Actually I’ve found plenty of ways to embarrass myself over the years…such as my failed marriage of 30 days. True story. I have no idea where the former Mrs. Greg Browning is today (and I’m hoping to keep it that way). Or the time I stuck a tick-tac up my nose as a child, learning that my brother clearly is a moron for suggesting the idea…but that I’m a bigger moron for listening to him.

I inherited the bad habit of hoarding from my mother. From old newspapers to crap in my garage that I’m sure I will never use again, I have problems throwing ANYTHING away! Perhaps there’s a support group out there that could help me…or at least drink with me. Speaking of which, I have a thing for Wild Turkey Bourbon. Not a beer man, so keep you tasteless swill to yourself.

Love to jog or bike on the Monon Trail, except for when someone’s shooting at me. Does Nike make bullet proof shorts? For years I was obsessed with trying to stay in shape. Egg white omelets, dry white toast, 1% milk were daily staples in my diet. But as I close in on turning 40 this summer, I’m realizing aches and pains I never had before. Eating junk food seems more attractive every year. But I’m too vain to become a couch potato with a beer gut…or make that a bourbon gut. At least not yet anyway.

Now a quick list of random thoughts that define me: I believe in God…despise people who litter…realize one day that my mouth will get me punched…sleep in the nude…have no faith whatsoever in our governement…suffer from IBS…love dogs and cats…have regrets, but too few to bore you with…hate to hear people eat or drink…have overcome my road rage problem…am addicted to GOOD pizza…and plan on having my pets freeze dried when they pass.

-Greg Browning


Tributes To Aretha Franklin From Fellow Musicians To World Leaders

    With the passing of Aretha Franklin, so many beautiful tributes have been posted on social media… The loss of @ArethaFranklin is a blow for everybody who loves real music: Music from the heart, the soul and the Church. Her voice was unique, her piano playing underrated – she was one of my favourite…MORE

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Support The WJJK Plane Pull Team For Special Olympics Indiana, And Win WWE Tickets!!

    The annual Plane Pull Challenge to benefit Special Olympics Indiana happens Saturday August 25th at the Indy International Airport. The first 12 people who join the WJJK Plane Pull team with Greg Browning and make their $100 fundraising commitment receive a pair of tickets to WWE Smackdown Live, October 9th at Bankers Life Fieldhouse!…MORE


Monday Is International Left Handers Day!…Including These Famous Lefties

      Today is Monday August 13th, 2018, also known as International Left Hander’s Day! 90% of Americans are right handed, so we are celebrating YOU lefties today! And here are some famous celebrities that you may not know are left handed: Paul McCartney Jerry Seinfeld President Ronald Reagan Larry Bird Henry Ford Phil…MORE


Beware: Rabid Beaver Attacks Family On Kayak Trip!…Dad To The Rescue!

     So much for a quiet, scenic kayak ride for a Pennsylvania father, daughter and their dog. A rabid beaver apparently wasn’t ready to let them cruise through his neck of the woods. SPOILER ALERT: this does not have a happy ending for the beaver~   (source and Featured Image from WPMT/Fox43)MORE


Arizona Cardinals Have A $75 Burger That May Be Impossible To Finish!

       Think you could finish this $75 burger: 5burger patties, 5 all beef hot dogs, five bratwursts, 20 slices of American cheese, 8 slices of bacon, 8 chicken tenders, 12 ounces of fries, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and sauce?!! Does it come with a Pepto-Bismol chaser?  Who’s hungry? — Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) August…MORE


Wizards & Witches…Get Ready for ‘Wizard Fest’ Coming This Fall To Indy!

     Gen Con is one of thee biggest conventions in the Midwest that draws in hundreds of thousands to Indianapolis every year!…so why not a festival especially for Wizards! If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you won’t wanna miss this spooky event!   (source CBS4 Indy’s Facebook page. Featured Image from Pixabay)MORE


Today Is “National Night Out”…Here Are The Central Indiana Locations/Info

    Tonight marks the 35th annual “National Night Out” across the U.S. It’s a great chance for you to get out in your community and meet cops. Some neighborhoods will have parties with food and beverages. It’s also a good time to discuss safety and neighborhood watch programs. Here’s a list of locations throughout…MORE


Watch: Man Challenges Buffalo At Yellowstone Park…Run!!

    Watch as this fool taunts a wild buffalo at Yellowstone National Park. Another visitor caught this stupidity on camera and posted it on social media. Authorities are investigating and remind people to NEVER attempt something like this. I call it, “thinning the herd” and not referring to the buffalo herd either~   (source…MORE

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Couple Seeks Videographer To Tape Their Wedding Night?!

     Getting a talented wedding photographer is important. You want beautiful photos of your memorable day of tying the knot, celebrating with your friends and family. But for one British couple, they’re taking it to the extreme, as they search for a videographer to tape their wedding ‘NIGHT’! Yep, the gig is from 1…MORE

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Indiana Santas Pulling A 757 Plane To Benefit Special Olympics!

    A group of jolly gentlemen stopped by the WJJK studios this week hoping for some support in the upcoming Plane Pull Challenge 2018. The annual event raises money to support Special Olympics of Indiana, taking place August 25th at the Indpls International Airport. Here’s how YOU can help these Santas…  MORE


David Crosby Calls ABBA, “Dog Poop!”

     David Crosby apparently isn’t a big fan of ABBA…and that’s saying it kindly. Crosby was recently asked about the best bands he’s seen perform. He then let loose on the Sweedish sensation, one of the best selling groups of all time. Sorry David, you’re wrong. Millions of fans around the globe still love…MORE


Watch: Neil Diamond Performs Special Show For California Firefighters

    450 firefighters who have been battling a huge fire in Lake Christine, California recently got a break from the dangerous conditions and a surprise visitor. Residents are grateful, including Neil Diamond and his wife Katie. Watch as Neil dropped by to show some love!  #trueheroes   (source and featured image from Lake Christine…MORE


Gilda Radner & Paul Walker Documentaries Coming Out Soon

    SNL fans, check out the trailer for the upcoming documentary on Gilda Radner. The film explores her career, married life to actor Gene Wilder, and her battle with cancer. What an incredible talent. Opens in theaters on September 21st. (source and Featured Image from Magnolia Pictures & Magnet Releasing via YouTube) And here’s…MORE

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Top 20 Wedding Songs That Should Be Banned! I Don’t Agree With #9

    A recent poll asked Americans which wedding songs should be banned FOREVER! Here’s the Top 20, and I gotta say as a former mobile DJ, some of these songs are CLASSICS! See if you agree or disagree. 1.  “The Chicken Dance”  (yep, gotta go!) 2.  “The Cha-Cha Slide”  (why? this song has built in instructions!)…MORE


Watch How Fast These Crayons Melt In The Hot Desert Sun!

     Just how hot is it in Palm Springs, California? The folks at The Desert Sun newspaper shot a time lapsed video of a box of crayons melting in 115 degree heat!  Watch this video and you’ll see it doesn’t take long for the crayons to liquefy! Talk about HOT!!   (source and Featured…MORE


Ohio State Fair Recreates “A Christmas Story” Using…Butter?!

     The Christmas classic, “A Christmas Story” has been brought to life using, butter. Check out this incredible butter sculptor of the famous characters from the movie, including Flick with his tongue stuck to the flag pole! AWESOME!!…and flavorful~    (source and Featured Image The Columbus Dispatch via YouTube)MORE


VIDEO: Redneck Way Of Cutting Tall Grass!

     Doesn’t get much more redneck than dragging a lawnmower behind your minivan while driving through your front yard. We’ve all seen it though, especially here in Indiana! When my brother and I were teenagers, my dad had us help him trim some high tree limbs in our yard. He took and electric chainsaw,…MORE


Watch: Paul McCartney Walks Across Famed Abbey Road Again

       Sir Paul went back in time to recreate the iconic album cover when he and the Fab Four walked across one of the most famous streets in the world! Check it out…   (source Ultimate Classic Rock via Facebook) (Featured Image from paulmccartney’s Instagram page)MORE

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Texas Baby Born At A Chick-Fil-A Gets Free Food For Life!

     Sweet little Gracelyn doesn’t realize it, but Chick-Fil-A will always have a special place in her life. She was born at a San Antonio Chick-Fil-A store last week, and now the chicken giant says they will offer her free food for the rest of her life!…and even a job? Love this!    (source…MORE


Wanna Be In The Next Tom Petty Music Video? Here’s How!…

     For Tom Petty fans, this is an incredible offer to be a part of the iconic rocker’s next music video! Submit photos and memories of Petty and they might be included in an upcoming song. Details here…   (source Ultimate Classic Rock via Facebook)MORE


Watch: Boy Plays Catch With Neighbor Dog…Best Video Of The Week!

Every boy (and girl) dreamed of having a dog like this as a child. Watch as a toddler in Minnesota plays fetch with the neighbor’s dog. That’s a beautiful thing~ A fence can’t stop my two-year-old from playing with his new best friend. — Chad Nelson (@CMNelsonPhoto) July 18, 2018 (source and Featured Image…MORE


‘Tastes Of America’ Lays Potato Chips Coming This Month!

     Get your taste buds ready because on July 29th, Lays will start selling potato chips with the “Tastes Of Summer”. The new flavors include: Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Popper (could be good) Cajun Spice (regional thing…gotta like it HOT!) Chile Con Queso (delicious!) Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice (again, northeastern thing) Deep Dish Pizza (keep…MORE

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Watch: 2nd Trailer For Upcoming Queen Film Is Phenomenal!

    If this second trailer for the upcoming Queen film doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will! Rami Malek plays Freddie Mercury and as you’ll see in this video, he absolutely nails the role! Makes you wonder what the late Queen frontman would have thought, but I imagine he would have approved.…MORE


WATCH: IMPD Lip Sync Challenge Video Will Make You Smile!

     Police departments across the country have been challenging one another to a lip syncing challenge, and IMPD had accepted AND delivered! Watch as they dance and sing to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling”. Awesome job!!   (source and Featured Image from IMPDtv via YouTube)MORE


David Bowie Film Explores The Early Years Of The Iconic Rocker’s Life

     Cool film in the works about the early life of Davie Jones. Err…David Bowie. This upcoming documentary will dive into the early years of the iconic rocker, as early as his high school career when he told his parents he was ditching school to become a pop star. I’m sure that went over…MORE


Billy Joel Admits He’s A Screw Up And That Fame Cost Him His Marriage

    If you ask my my top 5 favorite musicians of all time, on that list is the great Billy Joel. I’ve loved his music since I was a kid, and I’ve loved learning about the complexity of the ‘piano man’. Parade magazine had a great interview in their issue this past weekend. Billy…MORE


Relive The Foreigner Concert With These Great Photos!

    Add Foreigner to the list of awesome summer concerts here in Central Indiana! Lots of our fans came out for this incredible show at Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center last week. Thanks to staff photog Tommy Combs for these killer pics!MORE


Watch: Video Of A Lemon Rolling Down A Hill…For Nearly A Quarter Of A Mile!

    Okay, slow news day, but there’s a video of a lemon rolling down a hill…for a quarter of a mile! Talk about determination! Mike Sakasegawa shot the video and posted it on his Twitter account. It has been viewed, are ready for this….6,000,000 times!! Apparently we love rooting for the underdog. Come on,…MORE


Gene Simmons Says No Makeup For Ex Members On Farewell Tour!

     Former KISS members are welcome to join in the farewell tour next year, but NO MAKEUP! Gene Simmons told Imperiumi:  “You cannot put on the makeup.  You’ve been out of the band 20 years.  It’s not going to happen.” Read more here…   (SOURCE Ultimate Classic Rock via Facebook) (Featured Image By Alberto Cabello from…MORE


Check Out The Video Of The First Single From A New Tom Petty Box Set!

     In the early 80s, Tom Petty recorded his album Long After Dark. From that session and an outtake, producers were able to create ‘Keep A Little Soul’ the first single from a new box set. Petty’s music lives on and fans are sure to enjoy this one…   (source tompetty via YouTube)MORE

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Rare Tom Petty Guitar & Hat Being Auctioned…Starting Bid $150,000!

     Talk about some very cool and very rare Tom Petty memorabilia! An auction company will be selling a vintage guitar that Petty once played on tour AND one of his signature top hats! Not gonna come cheap though, opening bid at $150,000!   (source WTHR’s Facebook page) (Featured Image By Ирина Лепнёва [CC BY-SA…MORE


Sing A Queen Classic For A Chance To Be Added In Their Upcoming Movie!!

 We are so excited for the upcoming “Bohemian Rhapsody” film about Freddie Mercury and Queen, set to be released this November! Check this out: YOU have the chance to sing in the film! Details in this short video…good luck!   (Featured Image and source Queen Official via YouTube)MORE


Rockin’ Photos From This Week’s Def Leppard & Journey Concert!

    Once again, Def Leppard kept fans rockin’ and did not disappoint with their recent visit to Ruoff Home Mortgage Music Center! And with Journey on the bill, it was easily one of thee best nights of live music in Central Indiana this year! Enjoy these photos taken by WJJK photographer Tommy Combs!MORE


4th Of July Fireworks Display Times In Central Indiana

The skies will be lit up starting tonight, at least in a couple of communities. Also, times and location information for other cities and towns putting on fireworks displays for the 4th of July: Tuesday, July 3: Anderson Location: Athletic Park – Wilson St & E. Eighth St. Time: Dusk Marion Location: Matter Park, 1 Matter Park…MORE


Watch: What Could Possibly Go Wrong With Feeding Some Sharks?

    It’s cute to feed some baby animals at a petting zoo, but I can think of ten reasons I’ll pass on feeding a shark! Watch as this woman nearly loses a a few digits when she feeds a shark while on vacation. Supposedly the area is known for having sharks AND alligators in…MORE