Garth Brooks Shares What Sets His New Las Vegas Residency Apart From Other Concerts

Super star Garth Brooks says his love of the music and having is what sets him apart from other entertainers in Vegas. It’s all about having fun and respecting the fans.

“I’m hoping they get something here that they can’t get anywhere else,” Brooks said. “I think it’s a laboratory, because it’s a no phone, no video policy, which makes me go, ‘Here’s a song I was working on today.'”

His residency at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, “Garth Brooks Plus One,” will deliver a new experience for Garth fans. “I plan on being here till they throw me out, so we’ll see how long that is,” Brooks said. Find out more on the behind the scenes show here: Garth Brooks announces new Las Vegas residency starting April 2024 (