All Mariah Carey Wanted For Christmas Was A Trademark.


Isn’t Christmas supposed to be the season of giving? I grew up thinking my Mom was the “Queen of Christmas” she was in our house anyway.

Mariah Carey wanted the legal title “Queen of Christmas”, but the US Patent and Trademark Office has denied singer Mariah Carey’s attempt to trademark the title “Queen of Christmas,” according to documents obtained by The Post.

The moves means that Christmas has come early for holiday songwriter Elizabeth Chan, who successfully blocked the “All I Want For Christmas” singer from trademarking the title and using it on everything from music to perfume and mugs.  Yikes it kind of sounds like trademark bullying! At least that’s what Chan’s lawyer went for.

Mariah Carey continues her reign as the Queen of Christmas by spreading holiday cheer with some help from McDonald’s. It seems to me there’s enough Christmas cheer to go around for everyone. Read the full story here: Mariah Carey Loses Bid to Trademark ‘Queen of Christmas’ (