Woman Thanks Man For Not Staring At Her At The Gym…Can You Resist A Peek? Here She Is…

Guys, you’re at the gym working out when a very attractive woman starts doing squats four feet in front of you! Do you a) pretend not to notice her, b) of course you see her but don’t want to get busted, or c) enjoy the show?! Uh, I’ll speak for most guys and say, ‘C’!! Sorry ladies, it’s how we’re built! This scenario played out recently when a TikTok star named, Libby Christiansen posted the video below online. And she was ‘supposedly’ thanking him for not starring at her and making her feel awkward. Okay, her video has been viewed more than 600,000 times (1,000 of those views were mine!). Libby is a TikTok star and KNEW this video would get views, comments and likes. And good for her! She’s smokin’ hot and is crushing it on TikTok! But several people pushed back asking why it was okay for her to video the guy seated on the bench behind her, but he couldn’t take a peak at her. Good point~

@libbychristensen ty for your service kind sir #gymtok #girlwholift #YerAWizard ♬ The Golden Girls – The Main Title Theme – TV Themes

(source Libby Christiansen via TikTok)