Bride-To-Be Tries To Get Covid To Avoid Ruining Her Wedding! Wha?

For a girl, her wedding day is the “biggest day of her life”……..I know fellas, it’s important for you too, but women fantasize about the “perfect wedding” from the time they are in elementary school.

And a gal in Melbourne will be walking down the aisle in a few months and she’s terrified that she will catch Covid and it will ruin her big day.

So her plan? Catch Covid now, get over it, and then by the time her wedding day arrives she’ll be healthy and ready to go.

And she put the plan in place…..She went out to the clubs….hugging several strangers and even sharing glasses in an attempt to contract the virus.

I don’t make this stuff up….Just CLICK HERE/DAILYMAIL.CO.UK to see some photos and read the full story………..

Just married sign and cans attached