Celebrity Wax Figures: Ranked From “Bad” To “Really Bad” To “UGH”!

I remember going to see the movie “House of Wax” in 3-D back in the 70’s……Great flick starring Vincent Price and the 3-D effects just enhanced it….

And one thing I remember about the movie is the fact that the wax images seemed so “creepy”……..Why am I telling you this? Because I saw an article recently that “triggered” that memory……

The article in question is about celebrity wax figures…..and how bad the actual renditions are…..Check ’em out….some are not bad…..some are really bad….and some are flat-out creepy and are the stuff nightmares are made of! haha!

Just CLICK HERE/BUZZFEED.COM to check out some wax figures of Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, Elton John, and more!