20 “Rock Stars” You Can Dress Up As This Halloween!

OK, admit it! The picture below you thought was Nikki Sixx, didn’t you? No, that’s actually Stu channeling his inner “rock star” for Halloween a couple of years ago! We know, we know….rock stars have talent, good looks and money, and Stu has none of the above, but that’s what makes Halloween so much fun! You can escape reality and be whoever or whatever you want to be for an evening!

And if you dig rock and roll….and I know you do! There are plenty of rock stars that you could dress up as this Halloween! I mean seriously, there’s Alice Cooper, Stevie Nicks, Slash, Joan Jett, and any member of KISS!

Need some ideas? Just CLICK HERE/LOUDWIRE to check out some of the rockers that would be easy for you to be this Halloween! Trick or treat!