Top 5 Reasons “Your Guy’s A Keeper”

A third of men would give up football to lose belly fat. And you know as well as I do, that no man should have to give up football. Never. So, stop pressuring yours to lose weight and appreciate the “Top 5 Reasons Your Guy’s A Keeper”…(Yes, even with that beer gut!)

  1. When’s the last time he left the toilet seat up? Other than this morning….and last night….and oh, well, bad example, please move on to #2.
  2. It’s been days since he reminded you he could have played junior college football if it weren’t for that knee injury in junior high.
  3. He doesn’t let his baldness stop him from “whipping his hair” while singing along to Motley Crue, Poison, and Ratt.
  4. Know how Crocs are back in fashion? Well, he never stopped wearing his!
  5. When you diet, he diets! As long as you don’t diet for more than one day!

He’s a keeper! Hug him, tell him you love him, and have a great day!