One Of The Cast Members Of “The Office” Was An NFL Cheerleader! Can You Guess Which One?

Have you heard “BeLIEve It or Not” on WJJK? Stu does it every day around 1:25pm and it’s a very simple concept: He’ll read you 3 statements….they can be about anything/anyone….two of the statements are true, and one of the statements is false. You need to try to spot the fake one. (BTW, he’ll let you know which one it is at around 1:40pm)

Today’s statements were:

  1. In the United States, you’re twice as likely to die from your pajamas catching on fire than Ebola.
  2. Only 25% of the Sahara Desert is sand…..Most of it is covered in gravel.
  3. Jenna Fisher, who portrayed “Pam” on the TV series “The Office”, was once an NFL cheerleader.

OK, there you go…..which one is false? Actually, it’s #3….Jenna Fisher wasn’t an NFL cheerleader, but another cast member on “The Office” was…..can you guess who?

Give up? Just CLICK HERE/YAHOO.COM to find out who used to cheer for the St. Louis Cardinals……….