This Video GUARANTEED To Make You Cry! (In A Good Way)

OK, you clicked on this blog. Obviously, you wanna see if the video in question makes you tear up or makes you cry… accepted my challenge and now I wish you “good luck” not crying….

The video below features a young couple in Iowa named Jonah and Madison Waldron who recently got married. Jonah’s brother, Sam, was the best man. Sam has autism, and needless to say, standing up in front of a room full of people and giving the wedding toast and a speech was not easy for him.  

He talked about his social anxiety, and how terrifying it was to be up in front of 170 people.  But, I think he did a great job….and so did the entire wedding party…..see what you think…..grab a tissue and watch the video below: (VIDEO: YouTube/Daily Mail)